Monread Naas

A north facing garden with an office /  gym room.  We used Limestone in this build to ensure durability and resistance to the challenges that a north facing garden provides. Artificial grass was the best option here for a young family that requires use of the space as often as possible all year round.  The level of the garden was raised to help drainage, provide level entry access from the house to the garden and into the garden room and a sloped ramp built to the existing side entrance ensuring wheelchair accessibility throughout the property while adding value and increasing the resale options.



Extensive planting was applied here using more mature specimens.  This give the space a sense of warmth and improves privacy which is appreciated while using the gym facility. Pleached native Holly, Tree ferns, Portuguese laurel and various forms and varieties of Euonymus were used.  Grasses and bulbs played their part providing structure and color respectivly.  Smaller ferns, a Pieris Japonica and two raised planters with a selection of culinary herbs completes the planting. 

Everybody needs a BBQ area.... we framed some spanish porcelain tiles with a 100mm microshade post and screened it off to the rest of the garden providing a room effect while framing a bed the other side and seperating the 75mm vertical microshade.  The use of microshade material in the garden extended the budget and reduces maintenance over the likes of  cedar or regularly treated timbers.  Breaking up wall coverings with planting and paint is essential to blend the different types of timber in this garden. 


Lighting is an essential feature in any garden. It prolongs the time that the space is usable throughout the year and brightens up long winter days when the garden is often forgotten.... being able to enjoy the beauty of your specimen plants on a winters night while in the comfort of your home certainly brings value to your investment. 

The narrow space at the side of a garden room, shed or garage is often a magnet for storing bits and pieces that are better off somewhere else.  Here with the use of screening, planting and extending the paved cobble and adding lighting this area has become a focal point and gives more depth to the garden 24/7.